Friday, May 6, 2011

Irony it's what's for breakfast lunch and dinner

I like everyone in the world have been following the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Unlike everyone else I don't really have mixed feelings on the subject; I appreciate the fact that he's dead, it was a long time in coming and I don't give a damn if he was armed or not.  I do know this much, I didn't appreciate all the preaching on Facebook about how each person should or should not react to this person's demise.  Don't tell me how to feel about things, I have my own values system and moralistic sense and don't need projection of your moral sense or values system onto me.

As for the Grand Old Pricks party, I was not surprised by their reaction to the news that the Black Muslim guy born in Kenya nabbed the number one boogie man.  You could see that their assholes were puckering up by the pursuing of their lips.  Ironically enough, the man they were trying to give equal credit to for the deed well done was in fact the man who said that Bin Laden was no big deal and it didn't matter if we captured him.  That's right Dubya!! 

Meanwhile, back on the Wall Street Ranch the big boys are complaining because of the excess liquidity in the market.  That's right, there's too much cash out there and that makes the Bernie Madoff's of the world nervous because they fear inflation.  So to mop up that liquidity what do they do?  They speculate on commodities...oil, gold, food, etc.. Why are our gas prices so high when there is an obvious oil glut?  Because the boy with the cash are manipulating the markets and all the little day traders out there gambling away their retirement on gold and silver futures are going to be left with nothing.  Our government will then give these shysters a big tax break and continue to deregulate the markets so that the gap between rich and poor in this country has grow so large that it's comparable to a third world economy.  Where did all this liquidity come from?  The Fed continues to pump money into the economy by buying government bonds.  Big banks like Goldman Saks, JP Morgan are making a ton of money, but guess what folks, it's not trickling down to you and I, because the credit markets are still very tight.  That's why there is no job growth in this economy, because those with the cash are not reinvesting in the American Economy, they are speculating it away making your gas and food prices go through the ceiling.  The big irony here is, that the same people who trashed the system before are still in charge of the system and I don't let the foxes guard my hen house once, let alone twice.

The final irony of the day is all these right wing nut conservatives whose unshakable belief in a great and powerful god that they've never seen nor is there any concrete proof of in the bible or anywhere else...don't believe that the President of the United States was born in Hawaii despite over whelming evidence that he was and they don't believe that Bin Laden is dead until their arch enemy Al Queda tells them that he is.  What does that say about this country?