Friday, June 29, 2012

On the Go!!

It's been awhile since I've blogged.  I have no excuse other than I've been relocated for the summer and am traveling extensively.  Which brings me to the subject of my blog today.  Adopting eating behaviors that are consistent, at home and on the go.

Used to be that when I went to visit friends or was traveling for work I would eat like crap.  There's is so much stuff to choose from out on the road, and restaurants...forget about it.  I used to lose my mind in restaurants.  I love appetizers and the more gluten laden the better.  Bread and rolls, especially really nutty flavored dark bread is like crack for me.  (I'm sitting here thinking about the flavor and drooling).  So in the old days I would totally let down any sort of eating plan and go right for the bad stuff.  The highly processed food with too much sodium and fat and carbs was like a siren calling in my ear.  Needless to say that once I had partaken of any of that, specifically the molten fudge lava brownie, I would immediately return home and my eating plan would be shot to hell.  The trick to this whole thing as I've found is you have to be consistent.  Just because I cross the city limits does not mean that any of my issues change.  The realization of this has kept me on track to meet my goal to change my eating behaviors and patterns and has kept me losing weight and eating healthy whilst jetting across the country.

I've also found ways that I can work out while I'm traveling.  I carry stress bands with me and an exercise ball to work out in my hotel room.  Most hotels now have at least some exercise equipment and if nothing else you can always go for a hike or a walk.  Again, consistent behavior has been my savior in this endeavor.  I must confess it's not easy to change patterns in life.  It finally hit me like a bolt of lightening out of the sky that nothing changes unless I change and it's not something you can accomplish by taking a pill or just wishing.  It's damn hard work and you have to want it bad.   

Since I have opened up my mind to change I see that there are broader choices out there.  I now peruse the menu looking for non processed items that I can eat and avoid all the sugar, fat and sodium.  I still get to go to restaurants with friends and enjoy the social aspect of eating and visiting and drinking some wine, while still practicing those behaviors that HAVE to become second nature to me.

I'm not there yet folks.  Everyday gets a little easier and I have to do much less thinking about how to behave, but like any human being I slip.  The trick is to get right back to it.

I can report that I made my goal for the month of June and lost 10 more pounds.  That is a total of 75 pounds.  That seems like a lot.  Carry 75 pound weights around for a day and see how tired you get, how much your joints ache and realize how little you can do.  I'm half way to where I need to be weight wise.  I'm getting there slowly behavior wise. 

I decided that at the end of each blog I will post a recipe that I have found or invented.  Today's is Broccoli Slaw with Almonds

1 cup broccoli slaw
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup slivered almonds
cajun spice

Braise the broccoli slaw and almonds in olive oil until slightly tender.  Add a teaspoon of cajun spice.

It's yummy, even if you hate broccoli.

If you are interested in getting some assistance with weight loss or pursuing behavior change go to  She can help.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dis and Dat

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been sick.   I never get sick, but last week I started to get a tickle in my throat and by Tuesday I felt like stomped crap.  At any rate I thought I would update everyone as to the progress of operation life change. 

I did make my goal weight for May.  I lost 10 more pounds.  My goal this month is to do the same. 

I haven't been able to workout for 3 days and it's driving me crazy.  I think I am becoming addicted to how I feel when I work out.  Not to actually working out mind you.  That still sucks.  But after I'm done and the endorphins are pulsing through my system I feel fantastic.  It also helps that I'm starting to be able to do many more physical activities.  My goal for the end of the summer is to take the 10 mile hike up Mount Baldy in the Uinta Mountains.  I just hope I start feeling better so I don't lose my stamina. 

I will say one thing.  This whole process is becoming routine for me.  The food that I eat and getting up everyday and exercising.  I'm finding that the choices I make come more naturally now and I have to think less about them.  Instead of reaching for a Cinnamon Roll at work, I grab a banana.  So I feel like I'm making real progress toward substantial behavior changes.