Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's the middle of the day and I'm at work, supposedly working on various and sundry tasks which I have no interest in whatsoever.  Then I stop, think to myself "self, that is a poor attitude".  "get a grip, you could be collecting carts at Wal Mart".  Is that supposed to help?  It doesn't.  A particular weakness of mine beyond the plethora that I have is that I have a really low boredom threshold.  Now, that doesn't sound that dangerous, but trust me, it is.

On any given day I suppose I could be considered an adrenalin junkie.  I love that little goose you get when faced with a particular problem or situation.  Not only do I love it, I'm addicted to it...I seek it out and will at times create issues where none existed before, just so I can get that feeling.  Now just because I recognize that in myself doesn't mean I have control over that particular behavior.  It just means that I try not to give in.  I was sitting here not 45 minutes ago contemplating what I could do to ease the mundane tasks of my day.  What danger lurks out there that I could find and thoroughly exploit?  I came up with a few and they would have sufficed, but I pulled myself back and realized I didn't want to suffer the short term or long term consequences of participating in any of them.  What consequences you say? 

1. Creating a crises makes the day less boring, but it doesn't do much for any of your relationships.
2. Scaring the hell out of people is rude and inappropriate behavior
3. Staff people rarely like it when the boss is seeking a rush at their expense.
4. Your boss might not appreciate that you are slightly bored by the tasks that you have been assigned and so you are seeking a way to complicate matters.

So, here I sit, diligently ignoring the fact that I am catatonic with regimentation, dutifully fulfilling every mind numbing task I have assigned myself this day.

What has any of this to do with my weight loss journey?  You have to take a holistic approach to life.  What effects your emotions and your mind also affects your body.  The behavior of creating crisis or establishing a dangerous pattern is not going to be helpful in my endeavor to change physical behaviors.  Actually changing my physical behaviors is much easier than changing my adaptive behaviors, my emotional reactions, my mental health breakdowns.  Just another lesson learned. 

On another note I had a physical yesterday.  I'm pleased to report that all my tests came back very positively.  Despite my best past efforts, my cholesterol and sugar levels were all great.  My liver and lung/heart, circulatory functions are all excellent.   Now while I would like to claim credit for that, I must admit that it's probably mostly genetic.  My mother is 81 and my father 85.  They aren't in perfect health, but they still get around very well for their age.  I'd like to be able to say the same someday, but I can't keep playing Russian Roulette with my DNA pool.

Anybody out there needing advice on any of the issues that make up your day, go to www.cathyisin.com.  She can help.   

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