Friday, April 6, 2012


WWSBD?  has become my mantra.  What Would Skinny Bitch Do?  Remember a few years ago when they had bracelets for What Would Jesus Do?  This is my version.  Perhaps it will help me in my quest to think skinny.  

Had a really awful day today.  Work was incredibly stressful.  Came home and want to sit in my recliner and drink cocktails and eat something really really bad for me.  My behavior modification kicked in and I went for a long walk with my dog.  I felt much better after.  Stress gone and I didn't have the after pigfest guilts.  I'll guarantee that I'll feel even better tomorrow. 

Some days it's just really hard to maintain.  Today I succeeded and that's enough for today.  Tomorrow the battle continues.  

Remember WWSBD 

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